2021 ,08 06 / 2021 IF Design Award
  • LUDAN Coffee Roast 【 上呂丹烘豆坊 】WINNER
  • It is a 16 m2 space, cut into a multi-sided bevel, The bar is designed as a castoring triangle to correspond to the axes of the front door, the shelves behind the bar is gradiently arranged, the capability of creating spaces within space is achieved by the meticulous spirit of craftsmanship.
2021 ,08 06 / 2021 Asia Design Award
  • 【 無盡的華爾滋 】 WINNER
  • A 35 square-feet neo-classical residency. The warm ivory and the golden lines outlines the delicate texture in the space, incarnating a sense of elegant vogue in this bright and open space.