2021 ,08 03 / 2017 TID AWARD
  • 2017台灣室內設計【 藝術19街】TID Award 設計大獎
  • 2017年,新澄設計團隊再次獲得中華民國室內設計協會 TID 住宅類單層設計獎,Taiwan Interior Design TID Award,連續三年獲得肯定,不僅讓新澄更加茁壯,也讓我們對自己期許「Stay hungry,stay foolish!」
2017 ,05 02 / IF DESIGN AWARD 2017
  • 慕睦 MU.MU
  • Concept – Composite functions application to get more activity space. In this case, the designer applies the concept of composite functions to combine the dining table and the kitchen island. The kitchen island not only offers a platform to have a meal and cook, but also a place for tea time. Besides, the designer embeds a cabinet at the side of the kitchen island to store wine and glasses. Composite functions techniques adoption for small patterns is to strengthen usage frequency and get more available space.
2017 ,05 02 / IF DESIGN AWARD 2017
  • 梵閣一邸 Contemporary Voguel
  • More than 20 years, the old patterns of this house isn’t suitable for living anymore. Base on keeping the memories of the past in this old house, the designer just reconfigures the living areas. He changes the oversized master room into the living room and the study. The sink is set as a border for the master room and the bathroom. This can soften the boundary of different areas, and strengthen the function of the sink as well.
2017 ,05 02 / IF DESIGN AWARD 2017
  • 微型住宅 Minimum U house
  • 微型住宅 Minimum U house Return to Simplicity Step into the peaceful and leisurely space, the tempo of life is moderating. Then, return to simplicity. .